Guess what, Dads – you’re not the only ones that love gadgets, robots, and the newest tech devices.  We moms also have a soft spot for the world of technology and a definite love of anything that makes life a little easier.  So if you’re wondering what to get your wife, mom, or sister, consider some of these tech-infused gift ideas.





The Fitbit was one of my favorite gifts from last year and I have gotten an unbelievable amount of use out of it.  Without a doubt, I am way more active when I’m wearing my Fitbit than when I’m not so it helps me immensely when I’m trying to lose weight.  Another great thing about the Fitbit is that it lets you compete with family and friends, which is another huge motivator for being more active.



Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you’re a mom of young kids or babies, you probably don’t even get alone time when you’re in the shower.  BUT when you do, you want to make it worthwhile.  Enter the wireless bluetooth shower speaker.  They suction onto the wall and connect to your phone or ipod to play whatever music you want.  And surprisingly (or luckily) they’re really not that expensive.  The sound quality is way nicer than playing directly from your phone or even a speaker outside the shower, so it’s a definite treat.


Amazon Echo

I originally got the Amazon Echo for my husband thinking he would think it was a fun and cool gadget (which he does), but was pleasantly surprised by how much use I got out of it.  It does all of the lovely things your phone does for you (music, weather, directions, etc) except that it is voice-controlled, hands free, and parked somewhere convenient (for me, that’s the kitchen).  This means that I can be in the kitchen cooking or wrangling my son and scream over my shoulder “Alexa (that’s Echo’s name), play some music!” And boom, it’s done.  If it’s too loud, I tell the Echo to turn down.  When I’m done, I tell it to stop. On the list of convenient, helpful, and relaxing devices, this is at the top!


Smart Watch

I don’t have one of these yet, but I really, really want one (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). My husband has a Pebble and my parents have Apple watches and I. am. jealous…especially since the new Pebble Time Round looks like a nice sleek watch (not a mini phone on your wrist). I take my phone everywhere with me and sometimes it drives me nuts when I don’t have a pocket to put it in.  How cool would it be to have all (or just about all) of the same functions on a watch?  Luckily the watches seem to have good reviews too, so they aren’t just a gimmick.  This is at the top of my list this year!


LifeProof Phone Case

Ok, this is an absolute essential item for every single mom in the world even if they aren’t into tech gadgets.  I swear, without my LifeProof case I would have already gone through at least 10 phones this year.  When your phone is in this case it can be completely submerged in water, thrown off a roof, or chewed on by a toddler. It becomes virtually indestructible.  Not only do you get to avoid the sick feeling of watching your baby throw your phone down the stairs, but you will also feel less anxious letting them use your phone for entertainment (which honestly can save you in so many different situations!).



Let me just tell you, I love my Roomba so much that I wrote a whole post about it.  Normally I would say that a vacuum cleaner is not an appropriate gift because it’s a cleaning tool – it should just be an expense, right?  Except the Roomba is different.  It’s a luxury, a total lifestyle upgrade.  It does all your vacuuming for you, can be set using a timer, and charges itself…oh, and did I tell you your toddler will be able to handle starting it for you?



At this point, it’s a rare home that doesn’t have a Keurig in it.  Which should be proof enough that every family should have one!  And for moms, it’s especially nice because it’s sooo easy to brew and clean up.  It’s also nice to have coffee and/or tea whenever you want…and be able to provide that for any guests coming over.  We recently got the newest Keurig which has the option of brewing a carafe and I definitely like that option.  I will often brew one of those in the morning, drink a cup or two, and then start my afternoon off with an iced coffee from whatever is left. 🙂


Nespresso Machine

This is for the mom that really want to have Starbucks in her home – an espresso maker.  The Nespresso maker is smaller than the Keurig and perfect for a morning or mid-day latte.  My mom loves her’s so much that it finds its way to wherever we’re vacationing (and luckily it’s small enough to pack).  Definitely a great way to change up your caffeine consumption.


Kindle Paperwhite

Even though we can read on a bazillion devices these days, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the only ones that is actually made just to read.  This means you can read when it’s dark at night or when it’s bright during the day.  You can read when the sun is out or when you’re in a dimly lit room.  The device is built to go easy on your eyes and make reading as comfortable as possible.  And if you’re a tech-lover, can you really have too many devices?


iPad Holder for the Car

I know as moms we’re supposed to put ourselves first and all, but let’s be honest – sometimes a gift for the kids is actually a gift for ourselves…just like this one. It will hold an iPad in place so your kids can watch a movie or their favorite TV shows while they’re in the car.  Peace and quiet during a long ride?  The ability to listen to your own music? Sounds like a pretty great gift to me.


I hope this list was helpful!  Let me know if you’ve got any other great ideas that I should add to the list.  And be sure to check out my Pinterest board of gift ideas if you’re still not sure what to get for the lady in your life (or the man).


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If you're looking for technology-based gift ideas for Mother's Day, look no further! This list will help you find the perfect tech gift for Mom.


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