In a few days I’m going to publish a post that will be full of resources and tips that will help accomplish your New Year’s resolution, no matter what it may be. I’ve been working on it for a while, and throughout the process I kept coming back to the same realization:


There’s really only one New Year’s resolution you need that will accomplish all other resolutions you may have.


If you stick to this ONE resolution, you will be able to knock out every single goal you put on your list. And it's SIMPLE.


Weight loss. Debt reduction. Simple living. Business growth. Skill development. It doesn’t matter what your resolutions are, you only need to commit to ONE to make them all happen.


Think about this:  January is the month when the gym is PACKED.  It is the month when self-help books fly off the shelves. It is when we put brand new investments into our businesses and into ourselves. Then February hits…and then March…and then before you know it we’ve settled back into our old ways.


We need to keep the motivation going.  We need to recreate the January push over and over and over again (minus the horrendous weather).  


So how do we do that?  How do we accomplish every single one of our New Year’s goals?


By making this one simple, but crucial, New Year’s resolution:


Every week, goal set like it’s New Year’s Eve.


Review your resolutions, accomplishments, and setbacks.  Write them down. Celebrate what went right. Assess what went wrong. Find someone to hold you accountable. Schedule time to do this every week. It really only needs to be 15-20 minutes.  That’s enough to ensure you’re accomplishing everything.


This is all you need to do. This is how you keep the New Year’s motivation going ALL year. This is how you will lose weight, build your business, acquire a new skill, and simplify your life.


Because everybody has bad weeks.  Or maybe really, really great weeks that set us off track.  The key is to catch ourselves before we lose sight of what our goal is and to take advantage of motivation when we find it. One week is enough time to reset our mindset and get back on track.  It also gives us a chance to change our game plan, try out new things, and really take our resolutions seriously.


I promise that if you stick to this one resolution, you will be blown away by your results!   


Good luck. Happy New Year!    


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If you follow through with this ONE simple resolution, you'll be able to accomplish everything else on your plate! And it's SIMPLE.