My kids are (luckily) super close, so I LOVE finding unique matching gifts for them, especially on Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are a lot of fun because there’s really not much obligation to buy anything for them, but that only makes them more excited.  You also don’t need to spend a lot of money (leave that for your spouse!), which OF COURSE is an added bonus.

So here are some creative and unique matching Valentine’s Day gifts for kids!  Have fun with it and it will hopefully turn into one of those holidays that you secretly can’t wait for.

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These adorable non-candy Valentine's Day gifts for kids will make everyone happy and they'll fit any budget!

Swords and Shields

Nothing says love like a sword and shield…ha!  But in all seriousness, these are surprisingly inexpensive and a really fun sibling Valentine’s Day gift that your kids will seriously love.

Plus, since they’re foam, they’re safe and it’s unlikely they’ll get hurt.  

So if your kids aren’t lovey-dovey, but still have fun together, this could be the best sibling Valentine’s Day gift for you!

Personalized Cups or Water Bottles

I get really excited when a gift is adorable AND practical, and that’s exactly what happened with these personalized Valentine’s Day cups that I found on Etsy!  

My kids love these kinds of cups and they hold a ton of water, so I love them too.  

As a Valentine’s Day gift for kids, they’re also perfect for filling with candy or little extras!

This is what I’m opting for this year and I’m really excited! 🙂

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Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

If ever there was a gift not to feel guilty about, it would be books!  There are so many adorable books perfect for Valentine’s Day, but here are some of the best:

Love Stinks Whoopi Cushion

Ok, for the record, I really don’t want to list this whoopi cushion! BUUUT…I have a 5-year old boy and I know that most of you that have boys probably feel my pain.  

This silly little gift will provide a whole lot of harmless (non-screen time!) fun that will have your little kids rolling on the floor laughing.

Plus, it’s a seriously inexpensive one!  So if you can deal with the noise, then you might be the coolest parent ever. 😉

Valentine’s Day LEGO Set

In our house, it isn’t a holiday unless a LEGO set appears…and luckily, LEGO has a design for every occasion, so if you’ve got a LEGO lover like I do, then you’re all set!

Here are some of the cutest LEGO sets for Valentine’s Day:

Interlocking Stuffed Animals

This is a classic matching Valentine’s Day gift for siblings, so it’s hard to not head in this direction if you’ve got more than one!  

Most kids can’t get enough stuffed animals and there are tons of options, so this can be a really fun choice.

My absolute favorite Valentine’s Day stuffed animals are the ones that are interlocking (but that can be separated), so that each child gets their own stuffed animal, but they’re also a unified set.

Fun Craft Supplies

I’m a huge fan of arts and crafts, so if you ask me, there isn’t a single occasion that can’t include them.

Another cool thing about craft supplies is that a lot of them can be really cheap, so they can fit any budget.  

These are some really fun arts and crafts to consider for different ages:

Matching Valentine’s Day Pajamas

One of my all-time favorite Valentine’s Day kid gifts is a good old-fashioned pair of pajamas!  And really, the only way to top a pair of pajamas…is to find a matching set for all of your kids to coordinate (OR, even better, a set that comes with a matching pair for a doll!).  So if you’ve got multiple kids, this is your chance for a mid-winter pajama photo-op.

There are some really adorable options out there, but here are some of my favorites:

This is definitely one of the best matching Valentine’s Day gifts for kids and a total classic!

Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are a lot of fun and not nearly as stressful as finding something for your significant other, so live it up!  Have fun on this holiday with the whole family. Enjoy!

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These non-candy Valentine's Day gifts for kids are a perfect way to celebrate the holiday on a low budget. They're also great matching gift ideas for siblings to celebrate Valentine's Day together!