For the most part, we’re all forced to come up with creative tricks for getting things done once a baby has entered the picture. Eating with one hand, sleeping while standing, sleeping while sitting, sleeping while singing…you get the picture.

I come across great ideas all the time that make my life so much easier. So I thought it was high time I shared my secret tricks for getting things done with a baby.

Here we go:

8 Secret Tricks for Getting Things Done with a Baby


Shower with your baby.

You need to do it, they need to do it. Might as well just efficiently do it together.

When my son was a little baby, I used a water sling in the shower and kept him with me each and every time. It started out of desperation because he hated the bath,  but it ended up being a great bonding opportunity – and now he absolutely loves the water.  It saves tons of time, you bond with your baby, and you actually get to shower every day.


Set up different play stations throughout your house.

I bet your baby has at least 20 toys that surround him in his play area, yet he’ll still only sit there for 10 minutes. Add new toys? Still only 10 minutes. Bring back old toys? Still only 10 minutes.

Try having different play areas throughout the house so that your baby actually experiences a change of scenery. If you’ve got different play devices, try and have them in different rooms instead of one massive play area. Once they start to get fussy, just pick them up and go to a different room where you get another 10 minutes to do something else.

Which brings me to my next trick…


Break your chores and projects into 10 minute intervals.

This one is key. No matter what chore, project, or activity you need to get done, figure out a way to break it into 10-15 intervals. That’s typically the amount of time your baby will give you before they are ready to move onto the next activity. You won’t be able to finish things at the same time that you start them, but you will eventually get them done.


Use more than one baby carrier.

Since my son’s birth, I have relied on six different carriers. This seems excessive, but each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Plus, by changing carriers, you switch up what part of your back or upper body is bearing the weight, which is really important for your health.


Stay with your baby for naptime.

What?? Is this the same article?  I know, I know. How can you possibly get things done if you stay with your baby during naptime? I’ll tell you how. You organize yourself, you come with a list of things you can do silently, on your computer, with a book, or on the floor and you stay with your baby while they nap. First of all, it’s important to experience that silence each day.  It lets your mind relax even if you’re working on something else. Second, it carves out time each day to do the things that get pushed off when you’re running around doing the chores that never end – straightening up, dishes, laundry, gardening. I do this with my son and it has ended up being one of the best decisions that I made.


Let them play in the clean laundry while you fold.

I tried toys, I tried TV, I tried puffs. Nothing was ever as exciting as clean laundry being folded.  I finally threw in the (clean) towel one day and just let him jump around the laundry while I kept folding around him. Low and behold, I actually finished folding the laundry. It took twice as long of course…and many items were folded twice.  But I got it done.  And now its a regular activity that we do together and both look forward to.


Put your trash can right outside the cooking area with baby-safe magnets.

A Creative Solution to Toddler Safety in the KitchenIn the olden days, they’d just use a playpen. Now we have to get a little more creative and actually entice them to stay away from us.

My biggest worry is the kitchen. I don’t want him to get hurt and the area is just way too small to actually have legitimate toys. So I got creative and now use my trash can paired with toddler-safe magnets to keep him out of harm’s way.


Make casseroles for dinner.

I know, you’re thinking ‘YUM!’ and ‘EW!’ at the same time. But with Pinterest these days, you can easily find healthy, tasty casseroles that don’t feel heavy and won’t make your buttons pop. The reason casseroles are so important is that you can make them throughout the day (in your 10 minute intervals), then throw them in the oven when the time is right, and then you will have tons of leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. I’ve found a bunch of healthy casseroles that I make regularly and are always a big hit in my house.

So there you have!  My current secret tricks. Let me know if you’ve got any that work for you!


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8 Secret Tricks for Getting Things Done with a Baby


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  1. I try to get up before our son. It allows me to get a couple things done before having a 2 year old assisting me. Some days, he wakes up earlier and things don’t go as planned but if I can get a head start 3-4 times a week, I feel like I’m able to accomplish so much.

    • That’s so true! The times when they are asleep are golden. My son always ends up in our bed, so it can be tough for me, but I’ve just started leaving him there and the feeling is unbelievable!! Good suggestion 🙂 Thanks!

  2. We’re long past the baby stage, but I remember having lots of stations in the house with my twins when they were babies because it helped me from being bored from sitting in the same place too and it helped me get more done around the house.

    • It’s so true that you get soooo bored while they’re playing, lol. A lot of these things you just need to do for your own sanity! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Once again great ideas! i am a big fan of the play stations. have things for them to play with next and my tip is to pack the quick ones away at the time and leave the bigger ones for the end of the day. i find it much faster to do a couple of pack aways so nothing gets lost and then a big clean up once! Mine no longer nap which yes it does give you that little bit of sanity lol
    Thanks for linking up again Nikki with us for Sunday Brunch x

    • I LOVE the idea of saving the big things for the end of the day! That is a great suggestion! Those things are a great distraction anyways, so it’s perfect for when you’re starting to lose a little energy and just need to be able to wind down 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I used to click my baby into a baby carrier and take him into the bathroom so that I could shower without having to worry about his whereabouts.

    • I do the exact same thing! I end up just coordinating it so that we’re both showering at the same time :-\

    • haha!! its wonderful…and honestly, the trash can just looks so much happier with all those magnets on it 🙂

    • Holy Moly, that is brilliant!! what a great idea. I will be implementing that one IMMEDIATELY. thanks for the tip!!

  5. Okay so this is an awesome list! We use more than one baby carrier, and he does great in all 3 of the ones that we use! And I like the idea of breaking tasks up into 10 minute increments.

    Thanks for linking up with us! 🙂

  6. It is difficult to get things done with baby (or child…) but these are some good tips!! I always would take mine to the store and give them a toy to occupy themselves. At least I felt that I was getting something done and they were getting exposed to a new environment!!

    • That’s a great idea! And you’re right, even though it can be tough, it’s so important to take them out. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Lol, its definitely a big problem, haha! Enjoy your time without a baby now 🙂 But I promise you will love being a mom once it happens for you! 🙂

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