It’s been quite some time since my husband and I had our Disney Babymoon, but I still remember it well and feel warm and fuzzy every time I come across something Disney-related. Not only did we have an amazing time, but it was a fabulous way to start what will most likely be decades of Disney trips ahead of us.  As far as Babymoons go, it was the perfect choice for a last hoorah and one that I will always recommend to parents-to-be.

So before you settle on yet another Caribbean getaway, consider these reasons for choosing a Disney Babymoon instead:


Disney World is one of the best choices for a babymoon!


Disney is Pregnancy Friendly

Here’s the thing about being pregnant (especially if it’s your first pregnancy) – you feel like you can’t do, eat, or experience anything. This can put a real damper on what is usually a fun vacation.  Disney World, however, has mastered the art of serving pregnant women.  Everything is either pregnancy-friendly or clearly marked as not pregnancy-approved.  Rides have signs specifying whether pregnant women can ride (and surprisingly, there’s a ton you can enjoy!), restaurants are more than happy to customize each and every meal, and the parks and hotels are littered with resting spots and air conditioned hideaways. It is truly Babymoon heaven!


Babies and Kids Galore

Odds are that your pregnancy is creating some intense baby brain…and there is no better place in the world to fuel baby brain than Disney World.  It’s like one giant sappy commercial that you’re constantly tearing up at.  You will be able to scan the crowd and image your future brood in a million ways – only child, maybe twins, boy then girl, all girls…you name it, you’ll see it at Disney World.  Not to mention the adorable outfits, smiles, and exciting screams coming from all directions.


Tons of Adult Activities

Believe it or not, after a day of soaking in the family atmosphere (or amidst it), you will be able to experience a ton of adult-only activities on your Disney Babymoon.  And not just the alcohol-infused Pleasure Island activities (that you can’t really enjoy).  Each of the resorts hosts special events that cater to adults (tasting menus at their restaurants, special tours of the animals at Animal Kingdom) and some of the country’s best restaurants are found on Disney grounds and don’t allow kids.


A Disney Babymoon is a Chance to Experience it without Kids

This is one of the best reasons to head to Disney World for your Babymoon – you may never get a chance to do this again!  There truly is magic in Disney World and being able to experience that alone with your spouse or partner is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


It’s Quick, Easy, and Warm

If you live on the east coast or mid-west you know that a trip to Florida is a pretty easy excursion.  You can almost always find a direct flight and they’re usually pretty cheap.  And best of all, Florida is pretty much always warm so it’s a great escape from the winter!


It’s Tons of Fun

It doesn’t get more basic than this – Disney World is just a whole lot of fun.  With parks like Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, you will have more than enough to do on your Disney Babymoon and you’ll have a blast. It’s not all It’s a Small World and the Teacups. 😉


It Will Start Your Disney Life Off Right

I am willing to bet that you already know whether you’re going to be one of those families that tries to take their kids to Disney World at least a couple times in their life (if not on an annual basis).  If so, a Disney Babymoon is the perfect opportunity to start that off right and soak in the magic as you plan your future family.  There’s nothing more inspirational than being in a beautiful place that you hope to bring your children to one day.  And how great will it be to tell them that Mommy and Daddy were there when they were only a twinkle in your eye??


Disney World is one of the best choices for a babymoon!