Sometimes I feel like every single person I shop for is a person that already has everything.  I’m constantly scouring the internet for good ideas and trying to find something they’ve never seen before.  Sometimes I get lucky, other times not so much. But there’s one thing that is always a winner (and it has consistently been my favorite gift to receive) – subscriptions and monthly club boxes.  They’re almost always consumable and it’s so nice to be receiving something after the holiday season (especially if you live on a budget). It’s the true gift that keeps on giving.

So if you’re stuck in a rut…especially a last-minute rut, check out some of these subscriptions and clubs to see if any are a good fit:

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Subscription clubs are the best idea for people who already have everything (or just don't need more stuff). They keep on giving all year, save money, and are almost always consumable! Here's a list of over 50 different awesome clubs that you can gift this year.


Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crates are for the kids that have everything…and nowadays that’s pretty much all of them.  This is a really cool subscription club because every month your child will get a box delivered with all the supplies you need for a fun activity.  They have different age groups and different types of boxes (science, design, play), so it can work for most kids!


Blue Apron

Blue Apron is such a fun concept.

2-3 times a week (depending on your subscription), they send you everything you need to prepare a gourmet meal.  Totally portioned out for you, so it’s easy to cook!

I’ve received this as a gift and given it as a gift, and it’s always been a huge hit!  The meals were delicious and always fresh.  This is a good one!


Wine of the Month Club

This is an awesome gift that my husband and I have gotten before and we LOVE it.  Wine is delivered to our door every month and it’s always from new vineyards we’ve never tried before. For us, it also tends to be wine that isn’t being sold in our local liquor store, so we’re really getting exposure to new vineyards from around the world. There are tons of different wine clubs out there, so if you’ve got a favorite vineyard give them a call. Otherwise, here are some popular ones to check out:


Beer of the Month ClubSubscription clubs are the best idea for people who already have everything (or just don't need more stuff). They keep on giving all year, save money, and are almost always consumable! Here's a list of over 50 different awesome clubs that you can gift this year.

This is another big winner in our house!  

I have tried out so many different types of beers and it is ALWAYS from a brewery that I’ve never heard of before, which is so much fun!

Some of these clubs (like the Craft Beer Club) also offer a quarterly option, which is nice because it really brings down the price if you don’t want to be spending too much.  

Here are some options for Beer of the Month clubs:

If you’ve really got a beer lover on your hands, you could add a subscription to Beer Connoisseur Magazine to keep them really busy!


The Gentleman’s Box

The Gentleman’s Box
is such a cool idea because…well…it’s for men!  And it’s especially hard shopping for them.

An added bonus is that this club is seriously affordable (only $25/month), yet the value of the box is way more than that.  Each one includes a different collection of gentleman essentials – things like socks, cufflinks, ties, magazines, and cologne samples.


FabFitFun (Quarterly Health, Fitness, and Beauty Club)

I have not yet tried FabFitFun, but would loooove to because it looks like Birchbox, only with full-sized products and a little more of the healthy/fit element.  Basically, you receive a box every quarter that is filled with premium beauty, fitness, and wellness products. And I really love that they offer a quarterly subscription because you cut your cost by ⅓!


Adore Me (Monthly Lingerie & Sleepwear Club)

Let me just tell you, I am soooo excited about discovering Adore Me!  And of course, the best discoveries are those that your husband finds and gets for you as an early Christmas present :). So I can tell you first hand, this club is AWESOME!  It’s hard to believe that lingerie can be both affordable and comfortable, but Adore Me has somehow pulled it off.  I was blown away by how much I loved the gift.  This is a great subscription club for the lady in your life (or for yourself ;-))!


Sock of the Month ClubSubscription clubs are the best idea for people who already have everything (or just don't need more stuff). They keep on giving all year, save money, and are almost always consumable! Here's a list of over 50 different awesome clubs that you can gift this year.

Ok, this is brilliant for many, many reasons.  

First, every time I ask my husband, mom, or dad what they want for Christmas, socks are on the list.  I need socks too. Everybody needs socks.  But it can be a weird gift…who wants to give socks??  But the sock-of-the-month club idea makes it so much more fun and luckily fun socks are trendy these days.

And second, these clubs aren’t nearly as expensive as some of the others, so they’re perfect gifts under $50.  And obviously the idea is hot, because there’s quite a few companies that offer pretty cool monthly sock clubs!  Here are a few:


Birchbox (Monthly Beauty Product Club)

I’ve done Birchbox before and it was a lot of fun!  Basically you get a box every month of samples (or small quantities) of premium beauty products – and they’re definitely premium, which is the fun part.  You really get to try out and discover some amazing beauty brands that you either hadn’t heard of or were just too afraid to pay the price for.  


Fabletics (Monthly Workout Outfit)

Fabletics is one of the coolest subscription concepts I’ve come across, especially for any health nuts in your life.  Basically, you get a new workout outfit every single month.  What’s great about this (aside from the obvious) is that you can login and customize the outfit you’re getting, so it’s not a total surprise (which could be a little tough for a full outfit).


Healthy Snack Subscription

My husband got me one of these for my birthday last year and we really loved it!  We got different healthy snacks each month and were able to choose them ourselves or be surprised.  We tried out so  many new things and definitely got ourselves hooked on some of their tastier options. There are a couple great companies that offer these:


Amazon Prime

There are so many cool things about Amazon Prime, but there’s something really neat about it for the holiday season – they make it really simple to gift a subscription so that it’s tied to the recipient’s account and not yours.  Here’s what you get with Prime: an awesome library of TV shows, movies, and original productions (it’s honestly just like Netflix), access to Prime’s music library, free audiobook downloads, and free 2-day shipping on anything you order from Amazon (and it doesn’t have to be over $35).  My husband and I have gotten this as a gift and we LOVE it (we actually cancelled our cable because Prime and Netflix made it obsolete).



Netflix is the ultimate TV-watching brainchild of subscription services, so if you know someone that doesn’t have this, you may have found your next gift.  Netflix has such a huge selection of TV shows and movies to watch that you may find yourself being able to give up cable (which will actually make this gift a money saver).  They are also one of the cheapest options in the TV/movie category.  

Netflix hasn’t yet setup an easy way to gift a subscription straight from their site, so you will need to purchase a gift card to give the subscription.   Your best bet for doing this smoothly would probably be to purchase a Netflix e-Gift Card from Amazon (the card could be mailed directly to your recipient) or a tangible Netflix gift card (also from Amazon) that could be wrapped up with a gift.


Mixcups (Monthly K-cup Subscription)  

Mixcups is a really fun subscription club for the Keurig coffee and/or tea lover.  Every month, your get a box of 30 different K-cup flavors that are all Keurig friendly (you can opt for a smaller or larger box if you like).  The greatest part is that they make it easy to gift the subscription and even allow the gift recipient to pick their own flavors.


Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs is the ultimate hub for subscription clubs.  You can not only get a lot of the ideas already on this list (like beer, wine, and coffee), but a ton of new ones that you would never have thought of (everything from jerky and neckties to hot sauce).  There’s even a Variety Club that lets you get a taste of a new club each month (we’ve tried this one! It’s a lot of fun :)).  Most of their clubs will let you choose the quarterly option as well, which is a great idea if you’re on a budget.

Here’s the complete list of all the clubs they offer: bacon, bagels, BBQ sauce, beer, breakfast, cake, candle, cheese, cheesecake, chocolate, cigar, coffee, cookie, cupcake, dessert, dinner, dinner/movie, dog treat, flower, fruit, hot sauce, ice cream, jam & jelly, jerky, lobster, movie, necktie, olive oil, pasta, peanut butter, PB&J, pie, pizza, popcorn, salsa, sirloin, tea, teddy bear, wine, variety.


Good luck with your shopping this year!  I hope this list was helpful.  Let me know if there are other subscription clubs that you’ve used and loved!


These subscription boxes are the perfect gift idea for someone that has everything!




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