Without a doubt, writing is one of my favorite ways to make extra money. Not surprisingly, my blog tops the list of my favorite platforms to write for, but every now and then it feels good to get paid for an article you write regardless of how many views, clicks, or traffic it receives. Luckily, nowadays there are a ton of websites that will pay you to write for them.  If you enjoy writing like I do, check out these sites to see if they’re a good fit.  (You can also check out my list of other ways to make money with your writing here → 6 Ways to Make Money as a Writer).

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If you want the most flexible work arrangement possible, writing is the way to do it! To get you started, here are 16 websites that will pay you to write for them.




Imperfect Parent

Imperfect Parent is a great place to start for parenting topics because they’re basically open to anything – as long as it’s well-written. They really like funny stuff or topics that push the envelope, so don’t hold back with them.  Payment for their articles start at $25 and move up depending on length and content.



Babble is Disney’s parenting site and reportedly pays $75-$150 per article, though I’ve read most writers are asked to provide their first articles for free.  Nonetheless, they are a very influential site, so if parenting is your niche, they may be well worth writing for!


Adoptive Families

If you’ve been through an adoption journey, then you definitely want to check out Adoptive Families and pitch some ideas to them.  They pay for articles, but do not have a standard rate so you may need to negotiate. They accept ideas on all things related to adoption, so the possibilities are endless here.



Freelance Mom

Not surprisingly, Freelance Mom looks for topics related to moms working from home in the freelance world.  They pay $75 – $100 for articles that are chosen for publication, with a $150 bonus for the most shared article each month.  They have great guidelines for what articles do well on their site, but personal and detailed topics seem to do best.


The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher focuses on material that provides direct and specific ways to save money. They have both a print version and online version, but only the print version pays regularly (they do make exceptions for certain guest bloggers).  The rate for articles that get accepted into their printed newsletter is $0.10 per word.


Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit’s favorite type of content is related directly to credit scores, credit issues, and anything else credit-related, but also features other finance-related posts.  They offer different payment options, but the basic one is $50 per featured article.


Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin provides entrepreneur and solopreneur support and pays between $50 – $150 for posts published on her blog.  Accepted topics should be relevant to small business and entrepreneurship and reflect an expertise that you have.



International Living

International Living is a niche site for people that live or are retiring abroad (not just traveling).  If this fits your lifestyle, then give them a try because they pay well – $250-$400 per post plus an extra $50 if you’ve got a great original photo.  




Listverse is a really cool site that can be a lot of fun to write for.  All of their publications are in list format and they love topics that are off-the-wall, unique, and fun. Best of all, they pay $100 per published post!


The Richest

The Richest can be a little tabloid-ish, but if you like current, controversial topics, this could be a perfect fit for you.  You have to agree to write at least 4 articles per month for them and their payment is based off of views your article receives during its first month of publication ($0.50 per 1000 visits).



Hubpages is a little different than the rest because it doesn’t pay you for each post per se.  Instead, depending on how much traffic your post gets, you will receive a portion of the ad revenue.  In addition, you can add relevant products from Amazon to your post and if someone purchases them (or anything else) from Amazon, you will get a portion of that sale too.  I use Hubpages a lot and can tell you that a strong post with high quality, relevant Amazon suggestions can bring in regular (though not huge) monthly earnings.



Upworthy’s mission is to create a better world, so they like uplifting topics…but LOVE shareable, visual, and most importantly, viral topics.  You’ve most likely seen Upworthy stories showing up on your Facebook feed, so you may already have a feel for what they like.  While they don’t release exactly how much they pay per article, they do state that they pay a fair base rate as well as traffic and distribution bonuses.



A List Apart

A List Apart focused on the web industry, so your articles need to be web-based. Most are pretty advanced – things like web design, graphic design, user experience, or coding.  But if that’s your niche, then this is the place for you!  They pay $50-$200 depending on the length of the article.



WorldStart takes submissions for their daily newsletter that provides tips and tricks for average computer users, which means the content does not need to be very advanced.   Depending on the length of your article, they will pay you anywhere between $15 and $35 for your post.


eCommerce Insider

To write for eCommerce Insider you have to be a subject matter expert on the online retail space. Most articles profile specific tips and tricks or current events and trends pertaining to online retail.  Depending on the length of your approved article, eCommerce Insider pays $75-$150.



Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe focuses on mindful living, social gatherings, and especially a strong love for tea (which means you can try and submit great recipes using tea!).  They pay $30 per featured article.  This site is great for people that write about living simply, being happy, and/or healthy eating.


If you want the most flexible work arrangement possible, writing is the way to do it! To get you started, here are 16 websites that will pay you to write for them.


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