Every year since my kids have been young, we’ve used a DIY Advent calendar to celebrate the Christmas season and every year, it’s one of the things they look forward to the most!  These Advent calendar fillers for 6-year old boys are a great way to take A LOT of the stress out of the process because one of the hardest things is finding enough items or activities to fill each day of the calendar.

One of the coolest parts of using a DIY Advent calendar is that you can decide what goes into each compartment…so it doesn’t even have to be gifts!  It can be fun activities, Christmas crafts, holiday excursions, or nice things you can do for people throughout the month.

Your DIY Advent calendar is going to be a ton of fun…for your 6-year old boy AND you!

**One big Advent calendar tip: If you have items that are too big (which happens a lot with the DIY versions), just wrap the gifts and put them in a cute basket next to the calendar with the number of the day on it.  You can put a cute note in the Advent calendar too!

Now, time for some great ideas to help you fill your Advent calendar!

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These Advent Calendar gift ideas for 6-year old boys are the perfect way to have a ton of fun at home this Christmas season!

Christmas-Themed Advent Calendar Fillers for 6-Year Old Boys

Christmas-themed Advent calendar fillers are one of my biggest reasons for using an Advent calendar in the first place.  It’s such a great way to give your kids the Christmas-themed goodies you want to get them anyways – the books, Pjs, ornaments, etc.  It’s the perfect way to infuse even more Christmas spirit into the whole month!

Christmas Pajamas for 6-Year Old Boys

Christmas pajamas are my absolute favorite DIY Advent calendar filler for 6-year old boys and it’s always what I put on Day 1…so they can wear them all month long!

There are a lot of adorable options for Christmas pajamas, but I almost always opt for comfy, matching sets that both of my kids can wear (to get those adorable matching pj pictures!).

You can also go a step further and get amazing personalized Christmas pajamas off of Etsy…those are definitely made for the best Christmas photo ops!

Christmas Books for 6-Year Old Boys

Christmas books are another great Advent calendar filler that I try to put towards the beginning of the month so we have all of December to read it!  Now that your 6-year old is starting to learn to read, there are a lot of fun Christmas-themed books that will get them really excited and that you probably don’t already have.  Here are some fun ones to consider:

Christmas LEGO Sets

LEGO sets never get old!  And these are great activities for rainy days or to get your 6-year old away from the TV.  There are some really cute Christmas-themed LEGO sets too, so they’re perfect for getting in the spirit (we use ours for decoration after they’re built!).  Here are some of the best:

Santa Hat

My 6-year old boy kept dropping hints all month that he hoped he’d get a Santa hat in his Advent calendar.  For me, this was such a cute and fun idea that not only kept him in the Christmas spirit, but added a fun element to dress-up time (which is always great!).  This is a really easy win as an Advent calendar filler!

Christmas Light Necklace

This Christmas lights necklace is another festive dress-up option that will help them keep the spirit going all month long.  It’s especially fun for any holiday parties or get-togethers you’re attending. Everyone will enjoy it!

Gingerbread House Kit 

A gingerbread house kit is one of the Advent Calendar fillers that is an absolute must in my house and comes every single year!  It’s festive, it counts as a fun arts and crafts activity for the day AND it will provide amazing memories for them.  What’s even better is that now you can find different and unique gingerbread house kits that are perfect for 6-year old boys!  Check some of these out:

Christmas Ornaments for 6-Year Olds

Christmas ornaments are a great idea for Advent calendar fillers, no matter the age! First of all, it’s so fun for kids to get ornaments before Christmas day because they can add them to your tree!  But also, this is such a great way to remember the fun things they’re passionate about or different milestones of their life.  Here’s some ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • An ornament that represents a hobby or sport they enjoyed (soccer, guitar, karate, etc)
  • TV characters that they were passionate about (Star Wars, super heroes, Super Mario Brothers)
  • A customized ornament with their name and year (this is a really great tradition to start!)

Christmas Socks

You can not have too many socks, no matter how old you are. So christmas socks are great ideas for Advent fillers for 6-year old boys!

You can also find some fairly inexpensive options depending on where you shop, but here are some places to start:

Christmas-Themed Temporary Tattoos

Christmas-themed temporary tattoos are such a great Advent calendar filler for 6-year old boys because they’re fun, full of Christmas spirit, temporary…and an inexpensive option.  I almost always divide them up to be used for multiple days, which is another huge benefit of these – they help to fill up your days!  This is one that I’ve done every single year since they were very little.

Christmas Ornament Kits 

Christmas ornament kits are another Advent calendar filler that I use every single year with my kids.  

They not only work as an activity for the day (or week), but we also use them as gifts for family and friends, which has so many added benefits.

There are a lot of really cute Christmas ornament kits for kids, but here are some of my favorite:

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Christmas Sweaters

If you’re a family that loves matching Christmas sweaters, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise your kids!  I will sometimes save these until Christmas Eve morning so that everyone is excited and surprised by matching sweaters for brunch or Christmas Eve dinner.

Small & Inexpensive Advent Calendar Fillers

These Advent calendar ideas for 6-year old boys are perfect for filling in those extra days and can definitely help to cut back on the cost. Sometimes you just need a few extra days to complete your calendar and that’s what I use these for!

Hand Sanitizer

My son loved getting mini hand sanitizers before it was even a “thing”, so now it’s an even cooler Advent calendar filler.  You can get ones that are made especially for kids that have a little keychain attached so they can hook it to a book bag or just play around with it. It’s a fun and practical idea!


A good old fashioned yo-yo became such a huge hit for one of my 6-year old’s Advent calendar fillers!  It’s another fun classic activity for them to do inside that doesn’t involve technology (and is also a fun thing to do as an adult!).

Golden Books

Books are such a guilt-free gift idea and 6-year olds are finally learning to read, so this is the perfect time to stock them up on some of their favorite stories! Golden Books are some of my favorite because they turn some of their favorite movies and fairytales into easily digestible books that they’ll love…and they’re really inexpensive.

Here are some of the best to consider:

Bakugan Balls 

These Bakugan balls are all the rage for 6-year old boys so they make really fun Advent calendar fillers. 

The figures fold into balls like transformers and then when you roll them over their magnetic stand, they open up!

This is another great indoor activity that can keep them away from the TV.

Bath Bombs for Kids

I love making bath time fun and these bath bombs for kids are awesome because they have a little toy in the middle!  My kids have always loved them, so I try and include them in all of our gifty occasions. 

Bagged LEGO Sets

I’m sure with a 6-year old boy, you’ve learned that you can never have too many LEGOs! These little bagged sets make perfect Advent calendar fillers and they’re a great activity for them to do during the day, so I love putting them on a Saturday or Sunday.

Additional Ideas

And here are some additional Advent calendar filler ideas that can really cut back on the cost (I always end up using some of these):

And if you go out shopping, don’t forget to try the dollar store or dollar sections of places like Target, Walmart or the grocery store!

Activities & Free Advent Calendar Fillers for 6-Year Old Boys

These free Advent calendar ideas for 6-year old boys are some of my favorite and I definitely try to scatter as many as possible throughout the calendar.  They can stand on their own, or go along with a little gift.  You can also fill an entire calendar with these, so think out of the box and don’t feel obligated to spend a ton of money!

  • Visit Santa Clause
  • Wrap Christmas Presents
  • Go for a Night Walk to See Christmas Lights
  • Decorate the Christmas Tree
  • Make Christmas Ornaments
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Watch a Christmas Movie as a Family
  • Read a Christmas Book as a Family
  • Make Homemade Christmas Cards for Family and Friends
  • Make DIY Christmas Decorations

I hope these Advent calendar filler ideas for 6-year old boys help with your shopping and planning this year!  Have a ton of fun and enjoy the holiday season!

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These Advent calendar fillers for 6-year old boys are the perfect away to create Christmas spirit this holiday season!