One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is all the fun crafts that I get to do with my kids.  Whether to use for decorations or save for gifts, it’s such a great way to be festive and make the most of the season.  Which is what makes these DIY Christmas ornament kits for kids so awesome.

They come with all the supplies your child will need to complete a Christmas ornament and then you can save it to use as a gift, or decorate your own tree with them!

But more importantly, this is such a fun way to spend a holiday afternoon with the kids…and you don’t need to pull out all of your own supplies.  These will come with everything.

And if you use an Advent calendar like we do, these are PERFECT fillers that go beyond just candy or trinkets. 

I hope you get a chance to try one of these craft kits!  Have a fun and happy holiday season!

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This fun DIY holiday craft is such a great idea - Christmas ornament kits for kids!  These kits come with everything you need for your children to make adorable DIY Christmas ornaments, either for your own tree or as handmade gifts for family and friends!

LEGO Ornament Kit

If you have a LEGO lover on your hands, then there’s no question about it – this LEGO set is a must-have DIY Christmas ornament kit for your little one!

The kit comes with everything your child needs to create their own little LEGO ornament.

This is a great holiday activity for a chilly weekend and can also make a really fun gift idea!

If you’re really, really into LEGOs, you can also give this LEGO snowman set a try!

Foam Gingerbread Man Ornament Kit

This foam gingerbread man set is a really fun and easy DIY Christmas ornament kit for kids and would be perfect to use as a gift for teachers, babysitters, and neighbors.

The ornament kit comes with enough supplies to make 12 different ornaments and all the pieces are self-adhesive, so you won’t need to use glue.

This is definitely one of the easiest ornament kits for kids on the list and a really great deal, especially since you get 12 ornaments from it!

Mosaic Dinosaur Ornament Kit 

This dinosaur mosaic kit is such a fun DIY ornament kit idea for little dinosaur lovers!

The kit includes everything except the glue, so as long as you have some Elmer’s, you’re good to go.

This one isn’t too hard, so once they get the hang of laying the mosaic pieces out, they’ll be good to go!

Wooden Animal Christmas Ornament Kit for Kids 

These wooden animal kits for kids make the coolest looking ornaments!

You get a slat of wood that has all the pieces cut into it.  You pop them out and follow the directions to create a 3-D wooden ornament!

These would look really nice on a tree and are perfect for kids that love animals (the best ones are definitely the octopus, the frog, and the turtle, but there are a lot of others too).

Mess-Free Glitter Christmas Ornament Kit

This mess-free glitter set is SUCH a great idea for an ornament kit for kids and it really is mess-free!

The ornaments are foam, with sheets of glitter that sticks to the ornament…so you aren’t using real glitter.

This is one of the least expensive ornament kits on the list (and you can still make 6 ornaments!), so it’s a great idea to use for little extras on gifts for teachers, neighbors, babysitters, and of course, family and friends. 

Classic Wood Painting Christmas Ornament Kit

This wooden painting kit for kids is such a fun classic holiday activity that every kid should do at some point in their childhood!

The ornament kit comes with wooden Christmas shapes and a set of paints so that your child can paint whatever they’d like on each ornament.

Having the ability to use their imagination on the design is so much fun, but it’s also great to have the Christmas shapes for inspiration and to keep things festive. 

This Christmas ornament kit comes with 8 ornaments, so it’s another great option for sentimental gifts for family and friends. 

Suncatcher Ornaments Kit for Kids

This suncatcher kit is a really beautiful and natural DIY ornament kit for kids that can not only go on a Christmas tree – it could also hang outside on a tree!

It’s made of glass beads and wood, so it still has a natural appeal, but the bright colors of the beads make it really beautiful.

This is a great ornament idea that can stay on your Christmas tree and then move outside when the season is over.

Beaded Candy Cane Ornament Kit for Kids

This beaded candy cane set is a great afternoon activity for your kids and is completely, truly mess-free.

Kids love beads and these candy canes are simple enough that they won’t get frustrated with a complicated design or directions, but still get to have a ton of fun with the beads.

The kit comes with supplies to make 16 different ornaments, so this is definitely a great idea to add to gifts for family and friends.

Baby Handprint Christmas Ornament Kit

This handprint (or footprint) set is the ultimate Christmas ornament kit for kids!

Typically meant for newborns, you press your baby’s hand or foot in the cement-type material and it solidifies in the shape they left!

This is truly an amazing keepsake that you’ll be so grateful to have every year.

This particular ornament kit also comes with little letters and numbers so you can add your child’s name and year.

This is a must-have DIY ornament kit for newborns or little babies!  You’ll be so glad you did it. 

Wooden Coloring Ornament Kit

This wooden ornament kit is another fun classic that is perfect for a group of kids OR if you want a gift for lots of family and friends.

The ornament kit comes with supplies for 12 different ornaments and 24 markers that can be used to color the patterns on the ornament. 

This is a really fun idea for groups or last-minute extras to add to your gifts.

Printable Star Garland Ornament Kit

This paper star garland craft is such a fun DIY ornament kit that can transform a tree or home and only requires folding paper.

The ornament kit can create ornaments to hang on a tree OR anywhere else, so this is a great opportunity to make decorations with your kids that can be used anywhere else in the house.

This is also a really inexpensive ornament kit option because you only need to print the design – so it’s really low maintenance!

I hope you get a chance to try out some of these fun DIY Christmas ornament kits for kids with your own family!  Have a great holiday! Savor what you can. 🙂

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These DIY Christmas ornament kits for kids are the perfect family holiday activity! They make perfect handmade Christmas gifts for family and friends and are a really fun kid craft for the holidays!