Are you ready to blow your kids’ mind?  Want the best October yet? You can actually get a Halloween Advent calendar to savor every single spectacular day of October…plan every single Halloween-ish activity…and truly savor the weirdest, most bizarre holiday ever.


I am a huge holiday person, but Christmas has always taken center stage once the weather starts cooling off.  But as my kids get older, Halloween has become more and more exciting! So when I discovered these Halloween Advent calendars (also called Halloween countdown calendars), I felt like I hit the jackpot!

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A Halloween Countdown Calendar is such a fun fall activity to for kids and a great way to stretch out the holiday season!

What a fun way to celebrate Halloween all month long! I mean REALLY experience it.  And we LOVE our Christmas Advent Calendars, so why not do the same for Halloween?

I mean, the concept is brilliant!

But First, For Those Who’ve Been Living Under a Rock – What is a Halloween Advent Calendar?

Easy peasy – it’s a fun way to countdown the days until Halloween.  

The Halloween countdown calendar (aka Halloween Advent Calendar) will come with a little compartment for each day so that you can put either a little gift or treat, or a note that lists a fun activity you will do (obviously THIS is what you want to focus on).

The great thing about these Halloween Advent calendars is that most of them can be used each and every year.  It’s a fun thing to look forward to AND a really cool Halloween tradition to start!

Where to Get a Halloween Advent Calendar

Halloween countdown calendars may be the best idea ever, but they’re not completely mainstream…yet.

You can, however, still get versions of them from some of the best sources around, so if you’re ready to make the plunge, check these out first:

What to Put in Your Halloween Countdown Calendar

There are A LOT of fun things to do in October, whether explicitly for Halloween or not. So you will have no trouble filling your calendar with tons of fun activities, many of which are free.

So don’t fret if you feel like you don’t have the budget for a Halloween Advent calendar – this doesn’t need to get expensive.  You could literally do the entire thing for free if you needed to!

If you want to scatter some goodies throughout though, this is also a great time to do that.  

I LOVE adding things like books, socks, and pajamas to my advent calendars, just because I will likely be getting that anyways!   

So here are some ideas, both gift and non-gift, to fill your Halloween Advent Calendar with:

Halloween Countdown Calendar Gift Ideas

Some of these Halloween Advent calendar gift ideas will be too big to fit inside your calendar compartment, but that’s ok!  Just leave a little not that says where their gift is (you can even hide it somewhere fun).

Halloween Pajamas

These are always my go-to for Halloween pajamas and my kids love them! They have unisex options that even include sets for pets and dolls. And they’re always affordable.

Halloween Craft Kits

These Halloween craft kits are such a great way to have fun with the holiday AND decorate. You can also send them to family and friends as a little suprise!

Halloween Socks

These are my favorite! They actually glow in the dark and come in different sizes, you so you can get matching sets for your kids.

Dress-Up Extras

My kids always have fun dressing up all month, even before they’ve put on their actual costume. So these little extras always get played with a ton!

Halloween Books

You just can’t go wrong with Halloween Books (these won’t fit in your calendar, so just leave a little note sending them on a treasure hunt to find their Halloween gift!):

Halloween Countdown Calendar Non-Gift Ideas

Of all seasons, the fall seems to have the most seasonal activities to do with your kids.

It’s the perfect time to head outside with kids, so you can at least fill up your weekend days with activities, instead of gifts.

Here are some really fun ideas:

  • Go on a hayride
  • Go pick apples at an apple orchard
  • Visit a haunted house
  • Wear your costume to the mall
  • Walk around the neighborhood to look at Halloween decorations
  • Decorate the outside of your house
  • Decorate inside your house!
  • Complete a Halloween craft
  • Bake Halloween treats to send to school (even if it’s just for the teachers!)

I hope you get a chance to experience a Halloween Advent calendar!  If nothing else, enjoy this fun holiday and get ready for Christmas because it’s right around the corner! 🙂

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If you haven't tried a Halloween Advent Calendar before, this needs to be the year you do it!  This is such a fun family Halloween activity that will make October so fun and special!
A Halloween Advent Calendar is an awesome way to make October one of the most exciting months of the year. And you can make these yourself if you want!  If you're new to Halloween countdown calendars, check them out to see if they're a good fit!