My husband and I have been on a documentary kick lately so I’m branding myself as the newest expert on inspirational documentaries.  We’ve only watched what’s available on Netflix, so I’m sure there may be some more out there,  but these definitely stuck with us well after we were done watching.

We’re not a fan of sad flicks (sorry Blackfish fans), so we chose all of these because they honestly made us feel good after watching – they are truly documentaries that will change your life.  If all goes well, we’ll pay off our mortgage, make a million dollars, give up sugar and meat, save the homeless, and fit all of our clothes into our closets. Maybe you’ll do the same! Good luck. 🙂

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Documentaries that will Inspire You to Change Your Life


The Secret

If you can suppress the skeptic in you, then this inspirational documentary (which is based off of a pretty popular book) could truly transform your life.  It claims to heal illnesses, create millionaires, and find soul mates for anyone that can truly unlock the power.

I am 100% a believer….pretty much because I have nothing to lose by believing and also because they are pretty clear that if you don’t believe, you will never achieve.

Regardless of whether it is totally true, it is definitely inspirational.  My husband and I have tried watching 10 minutes of this before bed or when we wake up just to get us motivated and feeling good.  That alone makes it awesome.

When you should watch this: When you feel like you don’t have enough money or have no direction.

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I Am

I don’t even know where to begin with this documentary, other than to say you have to see it for yourself.

It is definitely inspiring, but more importantly it’s extremely thought-provoking and will have you questioning everything.

Basically, it sets out to prove to you that the whole world is interconnected and that to truly be healthy and happy, everything needs to be healthy and happy.

There’s a lot of science backing their claims, which only adds to the wonder.

When you should watch this: When you’re looking for some mental stimulation.



Tiny introduces you to the world of tiny homes – those that are smaller than 500 sq. ft. – and the people that live in them.

What is really cool about this documentary is that these homes are actually really nice and beautiful – they’re just really tiny.

What you will definitely take from this movie is that you do not need half of the stuff that you have.

In my house, every viewing of this documentary ends with at least one bag for Goodwill.

When you should watch this: When clutter is taking over.


Food, Inc.

Holy moly, get ready to think twice about what you’re eating.

This documentary is packed full of scary facts about the food industry, the quality of our food, and the treatment of farmers.

There is definitely some unsettling information in this documentary, but overall it is more informative than anything.

While disturbing, the message is still very inspiring – you have the power to change things each and every time you make a purchase decision in the grocery store. It is the power of your vote.

This is definitely one of the best inspirational documentaries that will change your life forever.

When you should watch this: When you feel unhealthy.


Becoming Warren Buffet

Becoming Warren Buffet is the dark horse of inspirational documentaries.

Before I had even finished watching this, I had grabbed a pen and paper and was jotting down ideas, to do lists, and a slew of other things that this documentary inspired me to think of.

It’s clear in the title what this motivational documentary is about – a story of the life and achievements of Warren Buffet.

What you probably don’t realize, however, is just how amazing this man is.  He is truly proof that anything is possible.

When you should watch this: When you’re ready to make your dreams come true.


Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change focuses on the lack of nutrients and overabundance of sugar in our diets.

It’s unbelievably eye-opening and really drives home just how unhealthy most of us are.

It will make you realize how often we are fooled by food companies into believing we’re eating something that’s healthier than it actually is.

This is another one that is packed full of scary facts that will make you think and inspire you to be healthier.

When you should watch this: When you need to jump start a diet.

If you get a chance to watch any of these, come back and let me know how it was!  And certainly let me know which one’s I’m missing.  I’m hooked!


And if you’re looking for some other great documentaries, check out these lists:


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27 Comments on Inspirational Documentaries that Will Completely Change Your Life

  1. You should watch “Food Matters” and “Temple Grandin”. Temple Grandin is not so much a documentary but it is VERY good and VERY impressive! Another good one is “Dirt! The Movie”

    • Awesome!!! I LOVE recommendations for new documentaries to watch! I will definitely add both of them to my list. Thank you!!

  2. I watched The Secret years ago. It is inspiring and yet easy to question at the same time;0) I have heard a lot about Food, Inc. and want to watch it. If only I could get the teenagers to watch it too;0) Great list of things to watch!

  3. I’ve seen 3 of them!! And they are 3 of my favorites. I’ll have to watch the other 2 soon. Excited. I love me a good documentary.

    • thats great! I’m sure you’ll enjoy them 🙂 these are all AWESOME! I have another list of documentaries that will “scare you skinny” if you’re looking for more 😉 Those are intense!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I also go through weird phases where I binge-watch documentaries on Netflix! I love the crime ones 🙂

    • Lol, that’s so funny – I do the same thing! It’s so weird that we’re drawn to crime shows, lol.

  5. Great list of books I once did a paper in college on Factory farming and it is scary when you find out how we get our food and what they do to these animals. 🙁

    • Tell me about it 🙁 They also talk about how we treat the farmers, which is just as disturbing. :-\

  6. Food, Inc is such a good one – it really did completely change the way we eat. The Secret is one I’ve always wanted to watch – will have to actually sit down and do it now 🙂

    • You should definitely do it! That one really surprised me. It’s a little cheesy, but if you can get past that, it’s sooooo inspirational. 🙂

    • No! But I LOVE good suggestions! I will absolutely add that to my list!! Thanks 😀

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