Ever since my husband and I got our new juicer, we’ve done a ton of experimenting.  Partly just to figure out what the heck we’re doing, but also to try and get as many veggies as humanly possible into our diet (and our toddler’s).  And while there have definitely been some fails, there have also been some awesome discoveries.

We’re now at a point where we don’t need to add any fruits to our juices. They can be all veggies – BUT it’s only because we’ve discovered the veggies that are sweet enough, refreshing enough, or frankly just tasteless enough to make a delicious juice without needing fruit.

So here’s what to try in your next juice:

6 Sneaky Vegetables that are Tastier than Fruit When You Juice Them


Sweet Potatoes

Ever cut into a sweet potato and see a little milky substance?  Well, that’s what happens when you juice them – they taste milky! Adding a sweet potato to your juice can tone down really strong flavors and add the sweet creaminess that you get in a creamsicle.  Better yet, you can get sweet potatoes by the bag full which makes juicing a little more economical (they also come in orange or purple variations which helps depending on what color you want your juice to be).


Bell Peppers

Bell peppers a.k.a. sweet peppers are…well, sweet!  When you bite into one it’s a little intense, but when they’re mixed with other veggies in a juice, that intensity is drowned out and you’re left with just the sweetness.  They also yield a lot of juice for their size which is a big plus when you’re constantly buying veggies to juice (and just like with sweet potatoes, the different color variations make it fun to mix into different juices).



I never really liked the hard crunchiness of a raw carrot but once you juice them you realize just how sweet they are.  They’re a beautiful color and yield a ton of juice for their size. They also come pretty cheap, so you can load up on them (and again, there are orange, purple, and white variations to experiment with).



I know, who juices an eggplant?  I told you I have been experimenting – and thank goodness, because this was one of the greatest discoveries.  Eggplants yield a ton of juice and are actually really mild.  So they’re great as a filler, especially if you’re trying to add something that is on the stronger side.  In my mind, they’re like the melon of the veggie world (ok, that might be a bit of a stretch…but they really can be refreshing).



I know what 10% of you are thinking…a tomato is not a vegetable, it is a fruit.  So this is for the other 90% that are thinking “pfft, a tomato’s a veggie in my book.” (Though, to defend the 10%, I must admit that a tomato is in fact a fruit).  Either way, unless you put a ridiculous number of tomatoes in your juice, it’s not going to be overpowering and will just make the juice refreshing.  They also yield a good amount of juice for their size which is always a bonus.



This one is pretty shocking, but I promise you – IT TASTES LIKE NOTHING.  You could (and should) put a big handful of spinach in every drink you make and you will barely taste a thing. And as you know, spinach is a superfood so it has unbelievable benefits for your body and mind.


If you end up trying any of these veggies in your next juice, let me know how it goes!  And of course, leave a comment if you’ve got some other awesome veggies that I should be trying.


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6 Sneaky Vegetables that are Tastier than Fruit When You Juice Them

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