As you already know, I love love love using Zazzle as a creative outlet…and of course, to make a little extra money 🙂 . So when a new and somewhat odd product is introduced, I usually jump on it right away to see what I can create.  And to my delight, occasionally these products actually make me some money.  Which I LOVE.

Zazzle is such a fun way to make extra money and you'd be blown away by all the different products that will actually make you a lot of money!  Check out this list to make sure you're not missing out on something.



For those new to my blog (or to Zazzle), here are some past posts and other articles that will help you get acclimated with Zazzle and all the wonderful ways you can make money while enjoying yourself.  And for those just looking for their next idea, keep scrolling!


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Below is my list of weird products that are consistent sellers for me on Zazzle.  This doesn’t mean they’re the only odd products that are selling – they’re just the ones that are making me the most money.  So if you’re up for the challenge, try out some of the other cool ones and maybe you’ll hit it big (they didn’t make my list but I’ve sold a few skateboards and dartboards in my day 😉 ).



When I had my son I started making tons of baby products (baby brain maybe??), so of course pacifiers fell into the mix.  Boy was I shocked when they started selling like crazy.  I’ve had days where each and every sale coming in is a pacifier! One of the best parts of this product is that it isn’t seasonal (people just keep having babies!) so my sales are pretty consistent throughout the year.


Luggage Tags

I myself don’t use luggage tags so I was a little surprised for this one to be so popular.  But I was even more surprised when I started to sell 10-20 at a time.  Obviously when you create products that sell in bulk, it is way more worth it so this was a great find!  I guess group travel is more popular than I realized. 😉



Believe it or not, pins are one of my top selling products – not just top selling weird product – top selling overall product.  It’s up there with invitations and Christmas ornaments.  But for some reason, I still think it’s funny to sell so many of them!  But this product is especially amazing because if you think outside the box you can weave it into every holiday or occasion…which I obviously do now.  🙂 It’s one of the first products I create when I have a great new image.



Maybe napkins aren’t too weird of a product – I mean, we all use them everyday, right?  But I was still surprised to see them sell so much. But just as with the pins, if you’re creative you’ll find a way to weave them into each and every special occasion or holiday.  Also, they’re disposable!  Which means you can keep selling over and over and over again.


Bath Mats

For some reason I get so excited when I sell home decor products.  I’m used to the wedding collections, the postcards, the ornaments, and even the pins, but when I sell something that’s decorating someone’s home I get butterflies in my stomach.  So when I saw the introduction of bath mats this year I was so excited!  And even more exciting?  I started making sales within a few weeks of creating my first mats.


License Plate

I still chuckle when I think about selling these.  But what can I say? I guess everyone with a car is a potential customer for a personalized license plate.  This product, however, does seem to be based around the gift-giving holidays, so it’s not a year-round seller for me. My guess is that this may be one of the sought-after “gifts for the person that has everything.”



I have so much fun making puzzles and these are yet another great product that can be creatively incorporated into every occasion and holiday. Believe it or not, I sell a ton of wedding puzzles!  They’re also really easy to design, so it makes sense to add them to the mix.


Hopefully this list will inspire you to go and create some new fun products. Let me know if any of them work for you (or any others)!  And be sure to check out my Pinterest board for other ideas to make money from home.


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The Weirdest Products on Zazzle that Will Actually Make You a Lot of Money

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