I can’t tell you how excited I am at this discovery.  I’m a total LUSH bath bomb addict, but as you may or may not know, those things are expensive!  They are hands down the highest quality bath bombs you will find, but at $7-$8 a bomb, it becomes a true luxury.  

But I can’t pay that much every time I want to relax in a bath!

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This is the best place to get bath bombs that are just as great as LUSH, but 1/4 of the price!

So needless to say, for years I’ve been on the hunt for comparable bath bombs that don’t cost nearly as much.  And I have tried A TON.  None have come close – until my last attempt.  I found these guys on Amazon (which makes them even better because it’s free shipping for Prime members!) and was instantly excited.  

They’ve got a ton of great reviews with most people saying they were the closest thing they’ve found to LUSH.  They’re a wholesale company, so you need to buy 10 at a time, but they cost $2.10 a piece!  That’s a quarter of the price of a LUSH bath bomb!

But obviously the price is worthless if the quality isn’t there.  And THIS is why I’m so excited!  I got our first delivery last night, so my little guy and I gave them a try today (FYI – for moms that have toddlers or young ones with eczema, these things work wonders!) and they were wonderful!!  

They are slightly smaller than LUSH bath bombs, but have just as much fizz, color, scent…and most importantly, that unbelievable soft lotion feel.  You get out of the bath feeling like you’ve already put lotion on!

Because they are wholesale, you don’t get to pick your scents.  They just send you 10 different flavors/scents, but in my opinion that was just another exciting part.  There’s actually more variety than LUSH has!  The colors are so bright and bold, and a lot of the scents are really fun (I can’t wait to try the coffee one).

So anyways, if you’ve tried out LUSH bath bombs before and love them as much as I do, then you’ve got to give these a try.  It’s basically 4 baths for the price of one. 🙂  Here’s their Amazon link if you want to give them a try: LUSH-Quality Bath Bombs at 1/4 the Price.

Enjoy your next soak!!

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If you’d like tips on reaching financial freedom, living a fulfilled life, and raising happy kids, subscribe to MBAsahm for notifications of new posts!

These aren't just cheap bath bombs, they're actually really high-quality bath bombs, but at the fraction of the price!  They're the only ones that come close to LUSH-quality...you'll probably like them even better!

This is the best place to get bath bombs that are just as great as LUSH, but 1/4 of the price!

I can not get enough bath bombs, but some get so expensive! These bath bombs are amazing and so inexpensive! Definitely the best I've found.

9 Comments on How to Get LUSH-Quality Bath Bombs at 1/4 the Price

  1. Well they might be nice bath bombs but they are made in China (that’s why the price) and wrapped in plastic unlike lush that are echo friendly wrapped….
    Two good points to consider

    • oh no! Are you in the US? If you are not in the US, Amazon will often redirect you to a “related product” if the product doesn’t ship to your country. Otherwise, you may want to try again! I double checked all links and they are directing to the bath bombs as far as I can see!

  2. For some reason the link won’t work for me. It says it can’t find the match.
    (Im in Canada if that helps)

    • ahhh!! It’s a US company, so my bet is that they don’t have things setup on Amazon.ca and I believe Amazon now redirects you there. 🙁 What a bummer 🙁

    • I wish I knew! I have only found them through Amazon, so you probably could try to order them and see what happens. I know through Amazon I’ve been able to order things from other countries, so I don’t know why this wouldn’t work!

  3. Can I just say how happy I was that when I clicked over, this wasn’t yet another bath bomb DIY? Sometimes I just don’t want to make yet another DIY product. Much better, I’ll have to put them on my Amazon list – thanks!

    • LOL! Tell me about it. 🙂 Especially when it comes to bath bombs, I need them to just show up on my doorstep. 😉

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