It seems as though everyone in my life suffers from anxiety, whether it is periodic or consistent, mild or severe. I’ve certainly dealt with it myself and one thing is for sure – when you’re hit with it, you’ll do just about anything to relieve your anxiety.

At those times when I (and everyone else I know) has had to deal with anxiety, first on the list are all the various forms of self-care and relaxation – soothing baths, relaxing music, a good book.  Then comes exercise and yoga. Finally, cutting out caffeine and alcohol…or sometimes embracing them for short-term relief. And of course, various gimmicks that sometimes work for some people, like essential oils or cutting out dairy.

These methods are great sometimes, but often they’re just not enough.  So the last time my husband and I experienced a bout of rather serious anxiety, we really dug around to find something even more effective.

And we actually did.

It was a weighted blanket – this weighted blanket to be exact.  And it totally helped to lower anxiety at night.


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When my husband and I heard about weighted blankets to reduce anxiety, we figured we'd give it a try. Wow, were we impressed! This is one of the easiest ways to relieve anxiety and it's easy as can be.


Why Haven’t I Heard about Anxiety-Reducing Blankets?

It honestly blows my mind that weighted blankets aren’t talked about more often…and maybe it’s just that they’re only now becoming trendy.  Because the reality is that they work wonders for anxiety, and more importantly, good sleep….which, as you probably already know, is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety.

What’s astonishing about these weighted blankets is not only that they actually work, but that the science behind them is so clear cut, it shouldn’t even be a debate whether or not they’re worth the investment.  They were developed specifically for people with anxiety, autism, depression, PTSD, and a variety of other mental or sensory disorders.

These blankets literally exist to reduce anxiety.


What Exactly is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like – they’re heavy (like, really heavy) blankets that weigh you down at night.  

The weights range from 15-25 lbs and you’re advised to purchase according to your weight.

But these heavy blankets are far more than just that extra comfort.

Apparently, the weight that they create actually causes your body to release more oxytocin, which is the chemical in our brains that makes us happy.


Do Weighted Blankets Actually Work?

Yes! I absolutely think they help with reducing anxiety and are absolutely worth the purchase.

The weighted blanket that we use helps us to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer, and sleep more comfortably.  

In doing all of that, it drastically cuts the amount of anxiety-ridden thoughts that creep into your mind at night.  Which is a-maz-ing.


Where Can You Get the Best Weighted Blanket?

We got ours (this one) right off of Amazon because it came highly recommended from a close friend.  And it is definitely the real deal.

If you read the reviews, you’ll be blown away by how many people have found serious relief just from this blanket.  It was actually developed by a doctor to treat anxiety-related disorders.

There are definitely other options out there, but this one has been amazing!

As with all things, the best ones are more expensive, but that doesn’t mean cheaper ones still won’t help.  This weighted blanket is one of the least expensive that I’ve seen, but I can’t speak from experience, so you’ll be taking the chance yourself (which is still probably worth it!).


I really hope you get to try out one of these weighted blankets!  If you do, come back and tell me how it goes! Good luck with your anxiety.


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If you’d like more tips on reaching financial freedom, living a fulfilled life, and raising happy kids, subscribe to MBAsahm for notification of new posts!

My husband and I recently came across one of the best ways to easily relieve anxiety and it worked immediately! If you haven't heard about this way to reduce anxiety, it's time to try it out.