I am such a huge fan of Christmas crafts and there hasn’t been a single year that I haven’t enjoyed making DIY Christmas ornaments.  But even with a huge stockpile of craft supplies, it’s still frustrating to have to come up with all the supplies necessary for whatever craft I’ve chosen.  So I LOVE finding DIY ornament kits for adults that give you all the supplies you need.  

This is also such a great way to try out new hobbies without a huge upfront cost – things like painting, needlework, woodwork, paperwork, macrame, and crocheting.

You’ll be creating great memories, potentially finding a new amazing hobby, and taking advantage of a great opportunity to make Christmas gifts for friends and family!

So if you’re on the hunt for something fun to do alone this Christmas or need some cool Christmas gift ideas, try out these fun DIY Christmas ornament kits for adults!

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These adult craft kits make fun and thoughtful Christmas ornaments that you can use for gifts OR your own tree!  They're a great activity to do alone over the holiday season and the perfect way to try out a new craft hobby.

Miniature Ugly Sweater Embroidery Ornament Kit

This kit for a set of miniature ugly sweaters is one of my favorite DIY ornament kits right now!

Not only is it a really fun pattern, but it incorporates embroidery, beads, sequins, and felt.

It also comes with supplies for 6 ornaments, so it will make a cute set or can be used for fun gift ideas.

Classic Crocheted Ornament (PDF Pattern)

If you already have a crochet hook and some extra yarn, then this crocheted ornament pattern is an awesome idea to make some really cute ornaments for yourself…or for other people!

The ornaments are simple, but really fun, and would make really cute (and affordable) gift ideas for friends and family. 

**Note – this one is not a full kit, it is only the pattern. But it’s a great way to use up scraps and doesn’t require much. It’s so affordable, I had to include it!

Needlework Mason Jar Ornament Kit

If you’re looking to add needlework to your repetoire, these adorable mason jar ornaments are one of the cutest DIY ornament kits for adults I’ve come across.

You get supplies for all 4 ornaments in the kit, so they’re perfect for your own tree or for gifts.

And they’re a really fun design, including a little metal hanger that makes it just like a real mason jar!

Felt Owl Sewing Kit

These felt owls are so adorable and would make amazing gifts for friends OR would just look amazing on your own tree!

They incorporate felt and a little bit of sewing and have really fun colors and patterns.

This is definitely one of the cutest ornament kits out there and is perfect for beginners or just a relaxing craft late at night. 

Beaded Embroidery Ornament Set

This beaded embroidery set is such a fun way to try out a new variation of embroidery and has a really great polished look when it’s done.

This particular set comes with a Christmas tree and a gingerbread house, but there are also other fun options like Santa Clause, a classic ornament ball, and a reindeer.

Macrame Ornament Kit

If you’re looking for a brand new craft hobby to try, then this macrame kit is the perfect place to start!

Macrame uses different knots to make beautiful patterns…and in this case, an ornament!

It’s a great way to try something new and is one of the least expensive adult ornament kits on the list.

Painted Wood Ornament Kit

If painting is your hobby of choice, then this DIY painted wood set is the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday craft night.

The kit comes with everything you need for 4 ornaments, including a stencil for the different patterns.

These would make really cute gift ideas, especially for neighbors, teachers, or little additions to gifts for family and friends.

Classic Christmas Hand Embroidery Ornament Kit

This hand embroidery kit has such beautiful Christmas designs and comes on 3 different hoops, so you can hang them just as they are!

There is enough supplies in this ornament kit to make 3 different ornaments, but the pattern for the designs CAN be used again, so you could make more of them if you fall in love!  

If you are a regular embroiderer and already have all the supplies, you can also just purchase the pattern for a much smaller price.

These would be great on your own tree or as gift ideas for family and friends.

Whimsical Wool Felt Birds Ornament Kit

This whimsical wool felt bird ornament kit is another really fun and easy adult ornament kit that incorporates a little bit of needlework with a really fun design.

The kit comes with everything you need for 3 birds, so it would make for a perfect relaxing craft night and could be used as cute gift ideas!

Another great bonus is that you can get this kit through Amazon, so it will only take a day or two to make it to your doorstep! 😉

Wool Felt Santa Ornament Kit

This wool felt Santa ornament kit is another really cute felt sewing kit that incorporates a bit of embroidery with pre-cut felt pieces.

It also incorporates sequins and a little bell for his hat, which is a really cute touch!

These are really fun to do on a lazy afternoon and don’t require you to have much knowledge before hand.

Foldable Paper Star Garland

If you’re looking for a quick and easy craft that can really help to fill up a tree, this foldable paper star garland kit is exactly what you need.

The “kit” is really just a downloadable file…because these stars are all made from paper!

So you print the paper and it will tell you exactly how to fold it to make 3-demensional stars.

This is a fun and easy Christmas ornament craft that is perfect for filling out a specifically-themed tree!

I hope you get a chance to try out some of these fun DIY Christmas ornament kits!  You’ll have so much fun putting them together and will have some great DIY gifts for family and friends.

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These DIY Christmas ornament kits for adults are the perfect way to spend the holidays alone or a great way to make meaningful gifts for family and friends.  All of these kits include all of the supplies necessary, so it's also a great way to try out a new craft hobby!

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