If there’s one worry I hear the most from fellow mom bloggers, both new and old, it’s this: “I think my blog’s too broad. I need to niche-down but I don’t know how.”  This worry has haunted me from the very beginning of my first blog…and to this day, it still sneaks into my head sometimes.

But the reality is that this just isn’t true!  You don’t need a well-defined niche to have a successful blog.  Some of the most successful blogs out there are massive, with so many different topics and categories that they basically become experts in everything.

You can succeed with a broad topic blog.  People do it everyday!

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You don't need a strong niche to have a successful blog! There are a lot of advantages to having a broad topic mom blog, lifestyle blog, or really whatever you want...as long as it's high quality and you follow these strategies!

Why Are We Taught that a Blog Needs a Well-Defined Niche?

I currently have 3 blogs – this one, which has a very broad-topic range, and 2 others that have very well-defined niches.  So I know what it’s like to blog in both worlds.

The reason that everyone tells you that your blog needs a well-defined niche is because that is an easy way to blog. It is easier to implement a lot of the common best practices of blogging.

If you have a great idea for a well-defined niche (that you can write about for years), you should do it!

BUT – and this is a HUGE BUT – there are also down sides to a well-defined niche.  Mainly, they are extremely limiting.  I mean, that’s literally what they exist to do – limit you.

So DON’T jump into a well-defined niche just because someone told you to (someone who’s most likely actually blogging pretty broadly themselves).  And definitely don’t start deleting your own content in an effort to appear “more cohesive.”

The fact that a well-defined niche makes blogging easier doesn’t mean that managing a broad-topic blog is difficult…it’s just different.

What’s most important to recognize is that there are some big advantages to a broad-topic blog that don’t get nearly enough attention.

Those advantages are what you need to use to propel your blog to where you want it to be.  AND THEN you can decide if you want to start a second (or third) blog – one that has a tight niche that you can experiment with (and ideally, one that you already know will succeed from your own experience writing about it).

The Advantages of a Broad Topic Blog

There are some immense advantages to having a broad topic blog. Ones that just aren’t possible with a tightly niched blog.

If you can take advantage of these aspects of your blog, you’ll be in a stronger position than your niche blog counterparts.

You Can Write about Whatever You Want

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is.  If you want your blog to last, you need to love every part of it.  And if you’ve found yourself in the position of managing a broad-topic blog (or are considering it), then you obviously have a lot of things you want to write about.  


Otherwise, you may not enjoy it as much and running a niche blog that you don’t love or enjoy would be a nightmare…truly.

So don’t underestimate how important it is that you are happy with what you’re doing everyday.

Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint…so part of your strategy needs to be sticking with it.

Your Potential Audience is Enormous

Everytime you write about something new, your potential audience grows. This is a big deal!

The more readers you have, the more successful your blog will be.

You Can Build a Large Following on All Platforms

One of the biggest advantages of a broad blog is that you can find a following on every single social media platform, even if the followings differ from each other a bit (which they will).

This is a really big deal because different platforms have different audiences, so this is how your reach becomes enormous.

You Can Experiment with Different Topics

I guarantee that once you start experimenting with different topics, you will be shocked to find out what becomes your most popular posts.  You will be able to write about things that people want to read…because you won’t be limited.

You’ll be able to talk about the topics that are so odd they don’t fall into a niche or write about a little trick you discovered that saves an immense amount of time.  This is when posts go viral – when no one else is writing about them.

Being able to experiment with different topics is also how you can discover a niche for the future.  But for now, it’s the perfect way to pull more people into your blog and to continue writing about what you (and they) love.

You Can Become an Expert in Many Niches

This is one of the biggest benefits to having a broad topic blog – you can become an expert in more than one niche!

As you write more and more, you will naturally cover certain topics more than others and you will start to build a natural expertise in those areas.  

There are a lot of ways to handle having more than one niche (I’ll talk about some of those strategies below), so don’t limit yourself if you’re passionate about more than one thing.

You Can Take Advantage of More Marketing Channels

This is a HUGE deal and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  When you cover more topics, there are more marketing networks available to you for cross-marketing purposes.

One of the biggest and best examples of this is Tailwind Tribes.  Tribes can be a HUGE driver of traffic…but if you have one single specific niche, it can be very difficult to make Tribes work for you.

The reason isn’t because your niche doesn’t apply to a lot of people, the problem is that you will struggle to cross-market anyone else’s material when you have a really tight niche.  With a broad topic range, however, you can all of a sudden cross-promote for a lot of people…which means they will do the same for you!

Specific Strategies for Managing a Broad Topic Blog

Now onto the important part! Let’s take a look at specific strategies you can use to take advantage of your broad topic range and succeed with a broad topic blog!

Interlink Your Posts

Interlinking posts is guaranteed to increase your traffic, so if you haven’t done this, it should be the next task on your list!

The reason this is extra important for broad topic blogs is because you don’t want people to have to search too hard on your site to find similar posts…you just want to lay it out there for them!

When you do this, then it doesn’t matter what other topics you’re talking about because your readers will be so engrossed by the series of posts you set up for them that they won’t care about the other “stuff” on your blog.

If you struggle to interlink posts in a creative way, then simply add something like “you may also be interested in…” at the end of your post and list a couple of related posts (I do this on mine, so you can also scroll to the bottom for an easy example).  

Segment Your Email List

A lot of agony goes into wondering whether or not your readers are going to read your emails.  What if they don’t like that topic? What if they unsubscribe because of this ONE post?

These are normal concerns, but there’s a really, really, really easy way to alleviate this huge anxiety – segment your email list!

Depending on what email provider you’re using, they may actually have creative ways to do this for you.  If that’s the case, then do it!

If not, then you just create different email lists and market to them separately on each post.  (Again, you can see that I do that on mine).

That way, you don’t have to market a recipe to people you know are only interested in DIY projects or talk about blogging to people that don’t blog.

Organize Your Blog by Categories and Subcategories

Categories and subcategories are critical for broad topic blogs because it will make it really easy for the right people to find the right content.

You want to start with 3-4 overarching categories and then break them down as best you can.

The categories and subcategories you list on your menu bar can change at any point, so don’t let this be something that stresses you out.  Start with something that feels right and then as your blog grows, you can adjust.

Build a Huge Social Following Everywhere You Can

One of the greatest (and most infuriating) things about social media these days is that smart feeds are beginning to dominate, so the social platform chooses what your followers see, not you.

For broad topic blogs, this is AWESOME.  Your social media channels will do a lot of the work for you!

So do what you can to build up your followings and don’t stress too much about whether or not you’re confusing people…you won’t.  Facebook and Pinterest will take care of that for you. 😉

Write About What Inspires You

Writing about what inspires you isn’t just to keep you happy…it’s also a way to ensure that your content is GREAT, that you’re not just pushing out fluff content, and that you have experience behind what you’re writing.

When you let passion shine through your writing, it will be BETTER.  This is important! You want your readers to love what you’re writing and for that to happen, YOU need to love what you’re writing.

Each Post Can Be Niche Specific

While your domain as a whole is an important factor in SEO (for both Google and Pinterest), it is really each individual post that has the potential to show up or not.

So treat each post as their own little niche topic!  Try to make sure they’re answering a question, target a keyword (preferably a longtail keyword), and write a high-quality, long post.

THAT is how you’ll show up in search engines…not because your entire blog has a unifying specific niche.

Market to Each Social Media Platform Differently

You’re already trying to build a huge following, and you already know that smart feeds are helping your readers to find what they want to see…so now it’s time to listen to the data and market each channel accordingly!

If your Facebook following can’t get enough of your gardening tips, then keep marketing gardening material there.  If Yummly is sending traffic to your dessert recipes, then keep marketing them there!

Don’t try and force feed your following things they clearly aren’t interested in.  The smart feed AND your readers will both be against that.

The flip side of that is huge though – Facebook will know that your following loves funny memes, so if you post another one, they’re going to show it to more people.  If you try and sneak a How To guide in, they’re going to know and dock you for it.

Take Advantage of Important Marketing Channels

Being able to cross-promote a broad range of topics is a huge advantage that you have that many other blogs do not…and being able to offer up a variety of material for others to cross-promote is also a huge advantage.

So don’t squander this opportunity!

You can still join marketing channels or networks that are niche-specific, so don’t feel like you can ONLY cross-promote with other broad blogs.

Give Tailwind Tribes a try, join different cross-promotional Facebook groups, find a good mastermind group.  These are very powerful forms of marketing and broad blogs can do really well in these spaces.

A Special Note for Mom Bloggers

The niche conundrum seems to hit mom bloggers the hardest.  When you set out to start a mom blog – which is natural for anyone who wants to blog and has a child – you naturally want to write about different topics that have to do with parenting, your home, self-care, being healthy, recipes, personal finance and anything else that has to do with moms.

It feels like your topics are way too broad, but you need to understand that if you have a mom blog, you are already in a niche.

I’m going to say that again because it’s sooooo important –

If you are running a mom blog, then you’re already in a niche.

So publish your favorite recipe, ideas for your 4-year old’s birthday party, and easy ways to exercise at home.

Writing as a mom for moms is a great niche to be in – so don’t obsess over whether your blog is too broad!  

It’s perfect.

I hope this post is helpful and I hope you don’t give up on your broad topic blog!  Mine completely changed my life and it allowed me to launch two successful niche blogs…neither of which I would have wanted without my broad topic blog (nor would they have succeeded as quickly without it).

Good luck on your blogging journey!

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You can succeed with a broad topic blog, even if you don't have a specific niche. There are some huge advantages to having a broad lifestyle blog that most people forget about.  So if you're worried your broad blog is struggling, make sure you're using these strategies to grow your lifestyle blog!