I’m definitely not a minimalist (though I wish I was).  In fact, I probably carry more traits of a hoarder than I do of a minimalist.  Yet I STILL found that there were quite a few baby products that I just didn’t need, wish I didn’t have, or was so unbelievably grateful that I DIDN’T get.  

I mean, these little babies come with a ton of stuff. And in my case, my son rarely left my arms, so what was the point of half of them? At one point his room had literally turned into a storage facility for the overabundance of his “things”, while the stuff he actually needed just moved into my space.

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So to save you the trouble (and money), here are the things you may not actually need to buy:

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These are the baby products you don't need to buy for your baby (or won't end up using!)...especially if you end up attachment parenting.

A Larger Than Life High Chair

The high chair we have is very highly rated. It has been side-impact tested, comes equipped with an airbag, flotation device under the seat, and emergency parachute.

It is a high chair “system.”

Why no one told me I didn’t need a system I will never understand.

Not only does this amazing piece of machinery take up ¼ of my dining room, but it’s a pain in the butt to clean around, and absolutely 100% impossible to travel with.

What to Get Instead:

What I wish I had bought instead is this amazing foldable high chair that can be stored elsewhere when not being used and could technically fit in the car for weekend getaways.  

My parents have it and I wish it was mine!

A Baby Bath Tub

I own the world’s smallest bathroom. It’s a wonder that it has even a normal bathtub, so the thought of adding a miniature, temporary one is just ludicrous!

But the even bigger reason I didn’t need a special baby bathtub was that in the early months my son hated being in the bath.  By the time he was happy being on his own, he was strong enough to sit up in the regular tub and the baby bath hadn’t seen one single baby butt.

What to Get Instead:

Until I could get him sitting on his own, we ended up using a waterproof baby sling for showers.  It was the absolute best baby product I owned.  

Not only did my newborn fall in love with showers, but we were able to also use the sling for pools and other water-side activities.

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A Suitcase-Sized Diaper Bag

I was so, so, so excited to be getting a really nice, classic-looking, not-at-all diaper-bag-ish diaper bag at my baby shower.  

The one thing I didn’t think I would need was a standard diaper bag with little baby designs all over it that screamed I’M CARRYING A DIAPER BAG.

Well, I was right.  I didn’t need the cutesie diaper bag. I also didn’t need the I’m-not-a-diaper-bag diaper bag.  

Because you know what that was?  It was a purse.  A purse so large it should have had wheels.  

What to Get Instead:

What I ended up doing was leaving it in the car as more of a “diaper station” and used one of the 25 old purses that I had as my diaper bag…which was basically what I wanted all along – a new purse.

A Nursery Crib

I know a lot of you think I’m crazy for this one and many of you will in fact need and use a crib.  

But for those that plan to co-sleep, honestly save yourself the pain and frustration of “trying” to get your child to sleep in the crib and just pack it away.

What to Get Instead:

First of all, most (if not all) parents do not use their nursery crib for the first few months.  You will likely want your baby in your room so you will use a bassinet or newborn-fitted Pack ‘N Play (which, for the record, I am glad I bought and DID use early on).

My baby never used his nursery crib and when we finally put it in the attic it was a huge relief. We were still able to pull out the Pack ‘N Play for emergencies, but for the most part we were much happier all in the same bed safely co-sleeping.

A Changing Table

I received a tip from my mom early on that I really wouldn’t need a changing table.  I would end up using the bed or floor or couch or whatever was around instead.  

Which is EXACTLY what ended up happening.  

What to Get Instead:

In the very early months I was lucky enough to have the newborn Pack ‘N Play system that has a reversible changing table (which was useful), but once my son was too big for that I was really glad that I didn’t have a whole piece of furniture just for changing his diaper.  

I got some really cute changing pads instead and just used them wherever I was in the house.

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Baby Laundry Basket

My son has the most adorable little laundry basket with the cutest little animals on it and even after two years it is still in pristine condition…because it has never been used.  

As I said before, the stuff he actually uses has ended up moving into my space anyways, so his clothes just end up in my laundry basket with mine.  

I DO remember the first few months being terrified to have his tiny, super soft clothes mixed with my (and my husbands) rough, adult bacteria-ridden clothes, but after I got over that fear it made a whole lot more sense to just keep everything together.  Plus, their stuff is soooo tiny that you will never have enough for a full load anyways.

The Diaper Genie

This is a great idea and I originally included this as one of my “essentials,” but within weeks I had stopped using it and after a few months I finally just added it to the storage locker/baby’s room.

Here’s why: it’s just a trash can. And you’re probably going to park it right next to your real trash can. So it just ends up being a special trash can with special bags and a special disposal system for just diapers.  You are far better off just using your normal trash can.

If you really want to invest your money, get a really nice one for your kitchen that will contain bad smells and then can eventually be used as a tool to distract your baby while you’re cooking.

Let me know what YOU didn’t need!  And good luck if you’re a new mom shopping right now 🙂

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These are the baby products you won't need for your new baby, especially if you're planning (or end up) attachment parenting!

28 Comments on The Baby Products I Wish I Hadn’t Bought…And Definitely Didn’t Need

  1. Sounds like a lot of commenters disagree with this article (or at least several items on it). I on the other hand HIGHLY AGREE! I consider myself a minimalist and with a second baby on the brain, I realize I don’t need or want half the crap I had the first time. Caring for a baby doesn’t need to be so hard or convoluted with this stuff. It doesn’t need to be so expensive buying baby specific products. I look forward to having a very minimalist room, no changing table, clothes hampers, book shelves, etc. This doesn’t mean I am sacrificing anything for baby, it is just unnecessary stuff and money spent.

  2. ya I disagree on a lot of these things too. At 4 months my son started sleeping in his crib at night and for at least half of his naps. our crib has the changing table attached to it and I use it for nearly every diaper change and clothing change. The diaper genie sits right next to it and does exactly what its supposed to do, hold dirty diapers. Since I always change his clothes in his room, on his changing table, I’m glad he has his own laundry basket to throw them in.
    I had a lot of people tell me that I wouldn’t use a crib or a changing table and that I had to have a bassinet. We ended up cosleeping for 4 months, never used the bassinet and then he went straight to his crib. To each’s own, every family has different ways of doing things that work for them.
    I can get on board with the highchair though, there is no need for a huge space sucking highchair.

  3. I disagree. I used all of these things. My high chair wasn’t oversized though and wasn’t fancy. But I used everything else. Including a baby wipe warmer. ?

  4. With both of my kids, I used a changing table for each and every diaper change at home. I wouldn’t go without one! I found my babies liked being at eye level with me and were always happy to be changed. We used a diaper pail too! And the crib was a must have. So I can’t say I agree with you.

    • One thing we definitely didn’t need and didn’t buy was a baby bathtub. Waste of money. We bathed my daughter in the bathroom or kitchen sink. And my son we bought a baby bath sling seat and bathed him with my daughter.

      • I totally agree! We didn’t use a bathtub either, the sling worked perfectly!

  5. I just had my 4th and last! I thought I could go without a bassinet and a swing…. you know….the 2 things I use the most! I use my “changing station” which is a changing table pad and cover on a dresser. It’s my blowout go to spot! I have a basket in my living room with changing essentials in it, diapers, wipes, lotion, powder, grooming kit and boogie wipes. I have a pack n play in the basement for when we are down there doing laundry or playing on the computer. I also keep a pacifier in every spot we use (car seat, bassinet, crib, pack n play, swing)

  6. A big thank you for mom’s everywhere for telling the truth about the diaper genie. I never had one… thought it was ridiculous. My SIL had one that stunk to high heaven. I mean seriously, you’re going to store dirty diapers right in your baby’s room… for how long?? Drives me bonkers when I see it suggested all the time. Way to tell the truth, lady 🙂 I agree with every single one of these.

    • I’ve used a diaper genie with each of mine and love them. The one thing I can’t stand is diapers in an open trash can that can be smelled throughout the house or running dirty diapers to the dumpster constantly. Diaper genies trap smells so it doesn’t stink up a nursery at all. If it does, the brand isn’t doing what its supposed to do.

      • Diaper genie- the only best baby item I bought! Never smell a dirty diaper and yes no running to the outside garbage can constantly. Love love love this product!

        • That’s so funny! You’re definitely not the first person to tell me that! Maybe I didn’t give it a fair shake. 🙂

  7. I’m with you on the crib. We have three kids who moved from the bassinet to the pack-n-play to their own beds. We’ve always lived in smaller homes and never had the room to create a nursery.

    I was given a changing table/dresser that we used for almost six years. When we stopped using the change table part we tossed a couple cute baskets on top for easier clothes rotation: one basket for too small and one for too big. It also doubled as a bookshelf. I’m a huge fan of items that have more than one use!

    • I loooove things that have more than one use too! You’re not the first person to tell me that they got great use out of their changing table, so maybe I’ll need to give it a try the next time around 🙂 Also, I absolutely love the clothes rotation idea! They grow out of their clothes so quickly. That would be so helpful.

  8. Agree with all except the crib and diaper genie! Yes, we didn’t use the crib at night for 6 months, but we used it for naps during the day and it acted as a safe place to keep a newborn if the bedroom pnp wasn’t an option. Intimacy? Yes, please 😉

    Also I think the diaper genie is huuuge for smells. We’ve had it from the start and never realized how great it worked until we ran out of bags for a week and the whole apartment smelled like stanky diapers!

  9. Oh I agree, they are trying to sell us all kinds of ridiculous stuff that are needs, but when it comes down to it, a baby needs food, clean clothes, clean body and lots of love. It doesn’t care about the rest much.

    My changing table had/has drawers and a little baby tub for bathing. We never used the tub, but the diaper table minus the changing and tub part is still in use to hold clothing and some random toys in my boys room. Which was what I had in mind when buying it. We got the high chair second hand, used a normal trash can outside for the diapers and I didn’t care that I had a diaper bag looking like diaper bag.

  10. I loved my changing table. I never owned a Diaper Genie cuz they didn’t seem necessary and I didn’t want to have to buy the expensive bags when I could just use Walmart bags. I had a big high chair for my first two kids but my third one, who was 12 years later, and we just had a little booster seat that had a built on tray table that you could take off when she got older. It was much handier and took up way less space.

  11. I definitely agree with most of these. For our first, we didn’t use his crib AT ALL. However, with the twins, after three months, they both used their cribs in their own room, which was fantastic. Never got a diaper genie either, but did get little garbage cans with lids that you have to step on to keep in their room for quick diaper disposal.

    • I’m so glad that we haven’t used my son’s crib at all. HOWEVER (lol) I do wonder if it would be nice for the next one to use a crib, hehe 😉 Sounds like you may have had the best of both worlds!

  12. Love this! I’m a first-time mom working on my registry and this came at a perfect time. I’ve heard several of these from friends and family too but it’s always nice to compare…and the high chair recommendation was new to me. Thanks for that!

    • Congrats!! That’s so exciting 🙂 I would definitely consider the collapsible high chair. It’s honestly way better than any others I’ve used even without the added benefit of being collapsible. Good luck to you!

  13. I totally agree with so many of these! Changing table, fancy hamper we got those and didn’t use them either! I think we get so caught up in the excitement and buy buy buy! We knew better with baby number 2 lol

  14. i skipped the diaper genie and cute laundry basket thanks to advice from a friend. I actually keep my kids laundry basket in the laundry room because I do their laundry so often. I just carry their clothes in there and drop them off.

    • That’s a great idea…I also feel like I take my son’s clothes off all over the house anyways, lol.

  15. 🙂

    Warms my heart to see a few things I said landed…..your next post should be “What a baby shower registry SHOULD look like……

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