Shopping for 1-year olds can be so much fun.  Everything is brand new to them!  But it can still be tough because they haven’t quite grown into full-blown toys and there’s just so much out there to choose from.

My son was fortunate to be showered with gifts as a 1-year old and there were definite, obvious winners.  Luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot for these little guys, which is especially the case when you’re looking to fill up their first little stocking!  All of these gifts are inexpensive and small, so they’re perfect for little stocking stuffers!  

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Shopping for 1-year olds can be really tough, but it's so fun when you get the right stuff! This list should come in handy for picking stocking stuffers that your 1-year old will love.


This specific set of keys was my son’s absolute favorite toy for the longest time.  They’re definitely the closest that you can find to real keys, including beeping buttons and a little flashing light.  And they’re the perfect size to fit in a little stocking.  Time to take your own keys back!  They’ve got their own now. 🙂


Bath Toys

Bath toys are amazing stocking stuffers for 1-year olds not only because they’re starting to really love bath time, but because bath toys can be really cheap!  My son’s favorite are definitely the classic squeezable sea creatures, but a close second are the classic bath cups.  And both are a great size for stockings!

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These adorable magnets were one of the best discoveries I made with my son and I still think they’re one of the best gifts you can get for a 1-year old.  In addition to using them on the fridge, we put them on our trashcan which was in a safe spot in the kitchen and it made cooking and cleaning so much easier with him! Just make sure you get ones that aren’t a choking hazard.

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Snack Catcher Cup

These snack catcher cups are one of the greatest innovations of the last decade.  They make it easy for your little one to eat their snack, but are almost completely mess-free.  They’re great at home, but even better when you’re out and about or just walking with the stroller.


Disposable Placemats for Restaurants

This innovation may be better than even the snack catcher cup…and should possibly be turning up in mom’s stocking too. 🙂  These covers stick to restaurant tables so that you don’t have to worry about your little one eating off of a dirty surface (or making a mess that you will have to clean up!).  They have been lifesavers for us!



Books are always a winner, so the only challenge for stocking stuffers is to come up with the best ones that are also small enough to fit in the stocking.  And luckily that’s not a problem because some of the absolute best books for 1-year olds are already pretty small.  Here are some great ones to consider:

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Lola Cup

There are so many different sippy cups out on the market that it’s hard to really choose between them.  But for me (and my son), it’s definitely not hard to pick the favorite – the Lola Cup.  It’s easy for them to hold and drink, and my favorite part – when it’s closed it’s virtually spill-proof.  As he’s grown into toddler-hood, this has turned into his nighttime cup because I know he won’t be able to spill it all over himself.



Shoes may not be the cheapest option for stocking stuffers, but they are certainly small enough and sooooo adorable!  My son loved his shoes when he was 1 and I’m not surprised because there are so many adorable options for those little guys.  Hands down my (and his) favorite 1-year old shoes were Robeez. You can get them off of Amazon or the Robeez website and they cost $20-$25, so they won’t break the bank…and they are worth it because they are so cute!

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Character Figurines

Whether or not your 1-year old has gotten attached to any books or TV shows yet, little character figurines are the perfect size for your little guy to grab and play with.  You can get plain animals, or your can opt for some popular favorites like Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger.  We went with both and he always had fun with them.


Little Cars

This is another easy one and you really can’t go wrong with a little car!  The trick for 1-year olds is just to make sure that you don’t get any with a choking hazard (unfortunately this means no matchbox cars!).  Two of my son’s first words were “car” and “wheel”…and it’s no wonder why.


I hope this list was helpful!  Good luck with your shopping this year.  If you’re still in need of ideas, check out these other gift guides for more suggestions:


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Shopping for 1-year olds can be really tough, but it's so fun when you get the right stuff! This list should come in handy for picking stocking stuffers that your 1-year old will love.